We aim to help children:

  • Speak clearly, audibly and confidently using appropriate voice modulation
  •  To listen actively, respond appropriately, develop their opinion and understanding
  • To readfluentlywith understanding for pleasure and information purposes
  • To write clearly, accurately and with confidence in a range of genres
  • To use spelling rules and exceptions, phonics and grammar with precision
  • To be able to draft and improve work
  • To appreciate and respect the views and opinions of others.

Download the Primary National Curriculum here

English is taught daily and the different elements of reading comprehension, phonics, spelling, handwriting, punctuation and grammar are all covered along with sentence structures, purpose, organisation and effect. Teaching children these skills enables them todeconstruct text and to use it effectively themselves to communicate for a variety of purposes. Understanding the rules of grammar enables them to use correct syntax in their sentences and can help children understand how modern foreign languages work.

Comprehension skills are taught such as skimming, scanning, inference and deduction so that children can retrieve information and to understand meanings beyond the literal sense. Children are heard to read individually and in groups(Guided Reading) and they cover a wide range of texts. We have a graded scheme (Renaissance) which also uses quiz questions online to assess children’s understanding of the text they have read. Exposure to a range of texts enables them to develop their own writing style and ideas for a variety of purposes including: stories, poems, plays, diaries, letters, reviews, recounts, arguments, instructions and reports etc...