We want children to become enthusiastic, independent learners

Our school curriculum includes the national curriculum, as well as many other aspects which we believe are important to children’s interest and development such as outdoor education, enrichment activities and educational visits. We believe it is important to educate the whole child and to give them the skills, knowledge, attitudes and understanding of the world to equip them for life in the twenty first century.

We are committed to delivering an exciting and enriched curriculum with memorable learning experiences. We want all children to develop a wide range of talents and skills to equip them for the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of life. Staff deploy a wide variety of teaching styles and resources to establish a multi-media approach to learning. By developing reasoning, questioning, critical thinking, creativity,  memorization and judgement we allow individuals to grow and learn. Our children are guided, nurtured and supported to apply these skills at the appropriate level for their development.

The Early Years:

Our Early Years curriculum is grounded in active learning. Through practical activities, purposeful play and talk our youngest children develop an understanding of the world and the basic skills they can build upon in the future  years. The foundation Stage develops children’s personal, social and emotional well-being; positive attitudes and dispositions for learning;   social skills, language, communication, reading, writing, maths, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical and creative development. A Learning Journey is used to record the individual child’s progress in consultation with parents and guardians and is used to identify next steps in children’s learning.

Moving on:

As children move through the school they are taught in mixed ability classes with some differentiation of tasks where appropriate to match all ability levels (simplified or extended as appropriate). All classes follow a topic based, cross-curricular approach to give a meaningful context to work and to show children how connections can be made in their learning. There are many educational visits and visitors as well as practical activities that give children first hand experiences to enhance their understanding and learning.