Long Term Planning and Curriculum Coverage

We use a rolling program where year groups 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6 plan together over year A and year B so that children will never repeat a topic when they progress to the next year group. However, there are some topics which are only suitable for each specific year group so we plan R.E, P.E, French, Music and Computing separately. Where children share topic planning for foundation subjects, the lesson outcomes aim to reflect year  group expectations for topic skills and recording.

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To view each year group's long term plan for year A or year B, please click the relevant link below. 

Early Years


Early years Long term plan year A and B

Key Stage 1

 Year 1 A      Year 1 B        Year 2 A      Year 2 B

Key Stage 2 Lower

Year 3 A      Year 3 B        Year 4A       Year 4B

Key Stage 2 Upper

Year 5A       Year 5B         Year 6A       Year 6B