We aim to help children:  

  • To confidently recognise and understand numbers and mathematics  in the real world and use them accurately
  • To memorise and recall number bonds, factors, multiplication tables to facilitate working
  • To use mental strategies to solve problems quickly and accurately
  • To approximate, check and analyse numbers and mathematics in calculations and problems and real life contexts
  • To recognise and predict number patterns
  • To use money, measurement, weight, capacity, ratio and proportion accurately
  • To tell the time and to solve problems using analogue and digital time, including the use of timetables and other representations
  • To understand that there are different ways to represent data and to analyse it for information
  • To calculate and record algorithms using the four rules of number
  • To understand and use geometry, shape and space to solve problems
  • To use fractions, decimals and percentages and their equivalents to solve problems

Maths is taught daily and children are given practical experiences and apparatus to help them develop understanding of concepts. Maths is also taught across the curriculum in subjects such as science, design technology, geography, enterprise and history as well as many other areas.

We have a calculations policy which staff follow to ensure that we teach concepts consistently and we are happy to share this with parents so that they can  understand current methods and give support with homework etc...