Our Vision, Values and Ethos

Marton Manor Vision Statement

At Marton Manor we want all children to achieve their full potential and to instil a lifelong love of learning through a rich, engaging curriculum. We want to educate the whole child and develop conscientious, positive, respectful attitudes in today’s diverse modern society. We provide a safe, happy and healthy environment that will promote confidence, curiosity and independence. We promote critical thinking, problem solving, perseverance and co-operation to enable children to grow to be resilient, caring, responsible citizens. We encourage effective, positive partnership working with families and our community .

 Our Values and Ethos that will help achieve our vision

  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences that will teach positive values and behaviour and emotional intelligence.
  • Promotion of harmonious relationships and respect forall regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture and religion ( e.g. through assemblies, religious education, humanities and personal, social, health, safety and enterprise education )
  • Engagement of all stakeholders through pupil voice(e.g. School Council), family participation events, full governor involvement in the school’s strategic development and approachable staff who work as a strong, well- trained team
  • Engage with the local community and the wider world to help children to appreciate diversity and develop their critical faculties. We want children to be resilient and able to keep themselves safe and healthy e.g. through e-safety,  sport,  and health education
  • Quality first teaching using evidence- based strategies and approaches, reflective teaching and sharing of good practice
  • Effective use of support staff to promote rapid, sustained progress and achievement using an effective system of assessment
  •  A calm, safe and supportive environment where children enjoy their learning and can take considered risks
  • Positive inclusion, personalised learning and carefully targeted interventionsto ensure equality of educational opportunity for all
  • Timely and efficient working with other professionals to support pupils in need of additional help
  • Securing of basic skills, knowledge and understanding to ensure all children have a solid foundation on which they can build
  • First hand, exciting, challenginglearning experiences and use of technology to enable children to receive an engaging, relevant,  broad and balanced curriculum fit for 21st century learners
  • Effective communication with parents e.g. through super learning days, newsletters, website and Twitter, workshops and sharing of parental expertise
  • Links with other organisations and staff to enable pupils to prepare for the next stage in their education and enter it with confidence

More about us

Enrichment trip to The Chocolate Workshop in York

Enrichment trip to The Chocolate Workshop in York

Our school has a library, computer suite, art area and food technology area. We also have extensive playing fields and a garden with an enclosed pond area. We have a trim trail and an Early Years playground with soft pore surfaces.

 Our Educational Aims

Telling the time

Telling the time

There is one class per year group and classes are arranged to accommodate up to 30 children in each year group.

The Nursery has 26 places for each morning and 26 places for each afternoon session, which children attend 5 days per week.