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I am Warrior!

In the first summer term our topic is all about the ancient Romans and their invasion of Britain. Discovering the battles between the Celts and the Romans, learning about Gladiators and creating our own mosaics. We also visited Binchester Roman Fort.

Road Trip USA

In the second Spring term our topic is all about the United States of America. We will be investigating the Geography of the country and looking at the most famous landmarks that make it a tourist hot spot! We will learn about the history and culture of the Native Americans and plan our very own road trip around the USA!

Find out more about some of the states here


Gods and Mortals

In the first Spring term our topic was all about the Ancient Greeks. We learned about their Gods, way of life and some of the amazing myths and legends they told.




Tribal Tales

In the first Autumn term our topic for years 3 and 4  was Tribal Tales. This was a history based topic where we found out about the changes in history from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. 




Burps, Bottoms and Bile

In the second Autumn term, our topic is Burps, Bottoms and Bile!  We have learned about the different types of teeth, we have visited a local dentist and investigated how to clean our teeth using plaque disclosing tablets! Have a look at our pictures from our learning journey so far. We will be learning about the effects of different drinks on our teeth and the human digestive system in the coming weeks!